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Session Resource

Session Resource

With Yeira, you can generar Sesiones en vivo with your Zoom account right into your Courses. In this way you can manage everything from one place and know who who attended your live sessions.

Important! In order to create Sessions in your Courses , you must first integrate the API credentials of your Zoom account in the** General Settings** of your Yeira site. Check out this tutorial for more information.

Steps to create a Live Session

Go to Login> Courses> Course> Edit> Content
Create a New Topic or open one that you have already created to insert the Session type Resource .
Click on the "orange circle" icon. The Topic Resources available within the Course Topic will open.
Click on the "New Session" icon. An Edit window will open .
Add the Name of the Resource that you want to appear, it will be visible to your Users.
If you haven't set up the Zoom integration with your Yeira site ç, check out the Zoom integration tutorial to set up and continue.
Add the start date and time of your session. This field will take into account the Zona Horaria that you have configured for your Yeira site .
Assign a password (can be alphanumeric) for the safety of your sessions in Zoom.
Add a short description of the Session. You can take advantage of the space to explain the objectives or share specific instructions for your Users before accessing.
Click on "Save". The Session will be added immediately within the Course Theme .
To preview it in the Content Viewer from the user's point of view, click on the "eye" icon.

If you want to reorder the Session Resource , see the Reordenar Temas y Recursos tutorial.

Crea Sesiones de Zoom desde tu sitio Yeira

Check the following Sessions tutorials

How to Start a Zoom Session in Yeira .
How to upload the recorded version of your Zoom Session.
How to view the attendance of my Sessions in Yeira.
How to enter a live session for Users.

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Updated on: 13/05/2021

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