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Create and Edit Topics

Create and Edit Topics

Un Tema en Yeira es un organizador de Contenido dentro del Curso (como un "Capítulo o Unidad"). En este tutorial te explicamos cómo crear un Tema, además conocerás los Atributos de Configuración disponibles para cada Tema.

A Topic in Yeira is an organizer of Content within the Course (like a "Chapter or Unit" ). In this tutorial we explain how to create a Topic, and you will also review the Configuration Attributes available for each Topic .

Steps to create a Topic

Go to Login> Courses> Course> Edit> General Info
Within the Course edition , click on the second tab "Content".
Click on the "New Topic" button. A box with editable fields will be displayed.
Add the Topic Title and Topic Description. This information will be visible to your Users .
Select if you want the Topic to start on a specific date and time. Manual Mode: Activate the switch if you want the Topic to be open and deactivate it if you want it to be closed until you decide to open it. Scheduled Mode: Schedule the start and end of the Topic by clicking inside the "Schedule Start" field . A calendar will open immediately, so you can first select the date and then by clicking on the "clock" icon you can choose the time. This information will be visible to your Users .
Click on the "Create" button to add the new "*Topic"** in your Course .

Creación de Tema

Once the Topic is created , you can add the Content Resources. See the tutorial Create Contents to learn more about the Resources available in Yeira and the Course Configuration Attributes.

Warning! If you deactivate the Topic in any of the Modes ( Manual or Scheduled) your Users will see the Topic closed, but they will not be able to access the Contents. Verify that the dates have been entered correctly if you use the Scheduled Mode.

Configuration Attributes

Enable / Disable

Do you want your users to have access to a specific time and date? When creating or editing a Topic , you can select between a Manual or Scheduled option .

Activar / Desactivar Tema con Modo Manual
Activar / Desactivar Tema con Modo Calendarizado


Do you need to modify the order of your created Themes? With Yeira you can reorder a Topic along with its Resources very easily, you just have to press and hold the click on the "drag" icon that is on the left side of the Title, and then drag the Topic up or down. Once you drop the Topic in the corresponding place, the changes will be saved automatically.


Una vez creado un Tema dentro del Curso, podrás editar el Título, su descripción y modificar su estado activado o desactivado, ya sea del Modo Manual o Calendarizado. Pulsa en el ícono de "lápiz" para abrir el cuadro de edición del Tema seleccionado.

Once a Topic has been created within the Course, you will be able to edit the Title, its description and modify its activated or deactivated status, either in Manual or Scheduled Mode. Click on the "pencil" icon to open the edit box for the selected Topic.


Do you want to permanently delete a Topic**?** Click on the "trash can" icon and click "Delete" in the confirmation pop-up window.

Important!: When deleting a Topic, its Resources will also be permanently deleted.

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Updated on: 13/05/2021

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