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Assignment Resource

Assignment Resource

Add Assignments to your Courses so that your Users send their deliverable documents, essays and other tasks through Yeira. The Assignment Resource also allows reviewing and grading each submitted Assignment, notifying the Admin, Author and User by email in each step of the process. Assignments are ideal for online tutoring educational models.

Step 1: Create a Task

Go to Login> Courses> Edit> Content> Course Content.
Create a New Topic or open one that you have already created to insert the Assignment Resource .
Click on the "orange circle" icon. The Topic Resources available within the Course Topic will open.
Click on the "New Assignment" icon . An Edit window will open.
Add the Name of the Resource that you want to appear, it will be visible to your Users.
Write the Assignment Instructions. Use the toolbar to edit the text and add Multimedia Resources or HTML code.
Select the Assignment Format (text, link or document) with which you want your students to submit their Assignment. With the Text type, your Users will be able to write text, include images, links and Video directly with the editing tools. With the Link type, only a field will appear to enter the URL of their Assignment (use this format if your Users will create their Content online on platforms such as YouTube, Prezi, Dropbox, Canvas, among others). Finally, with the Document type your Users will be able to upload files in PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel directly to the platform.
Do you want to set a delivery deadline for your Users? Click on the "Closing deliverable" field. A calendar will open where you can select the date. To select the time, click on the "clock" icon below the calendar and select the exact time (including minutes). Press outside the field to save the changes. The field will be shown in green to indicate that the change has been applied to your Course.
If there is no deadline for submitting the Assignment, do not edit the "Closing deliverable" field.
Click on "Save". The Assignment will be immediately added within the Course Topic.
To preview it in the Content Viewer from the user's point of view, click on the "eye" icon.

If you want to reorder the Assignment, see the Reorder Topics and Resources. tutorial .

Step 2: The User delivers the Task

Go to Login> Courses> Course
Within the Course, the User will find the Assignment to be carried out with the instructions, date and time of delivery. When you are ready, you will be able to submit the Assignment in the format that the Instructor has selected (text, link or document). The user will be able to add a message to the Instructor.
By clicking on "Submit" to submit your Assignment .
The Admin and Author will receive an email notification of the delivery made by the User .

As long as the Instructor has not graded the Assignment, the User may resubmit it as many times as they wish.

Do you need tutorials for your Users? Check Yeira for Users here.

Step 3: The Admin / Author reviews the Task

Go to Login> Courses> Course
Click on the "Course Report" button. In the list of Users in Progress , you will see an orange counter for Users who have pending Assignments to review . Select the user you want to rate and click on the "+" icon to display the details of the progress of the Resources .*
Scroll down to locate an individual User and Assignments. Once they submit their Assignment, you will see a "Review" button .
Click on "Review" and the review window will open displaying the Assignment in the format provided (text, link or document).
Assign a grade (between 0-10) in the "Rating" field and if you wish, add a feedback in "Comments".
Click "Submit" to save the review and notify the User .

The User will receive a notification email when the Assignment has been reviewed .

Step 4: The User reviews their rating

Go to Login> Courses> Course
In the same section where you delivered your Assignment you will be able to see the Instructor's grade and feedback .

Do you need tutorials for your Users? Check Yeira for Users here..

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Updated on: 13/05/2021

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