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Create Content in your Course

Create Content in your Course

In Yeira you can easily create content for your Course with a simplified two-level structure: Topic> Resources. A Topic is an organizer of Content within the Course (like a "Chapter or Unit") while the Resource is the Content format or type.

Resources available in Yeira

Video (YouTube o Vimeo)
Document (pdf, ppt, doc, xls)
Discussion Forum
HTML5 with ZIP
HTML5 with Embed code
Session (Zoom)

Each Content of a Course contains configuration attributes that match to different learning or training models.

Content Configuration Attributes

Create and Edit Topics
Free and Serial Modes
Content Preview
Digital Certificates (Automated or Manuall)

Check out all the tutorials available to know more about each "Resource" and the "Content Configuration Attributes" for your Courses on your Yeira site .

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Updated on: 13/05/2021

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