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HTML5 Resource with Embed

HTML5 Resource with Embed

With the Embed option in Yeira, you will be able to enrich the learning experience of your Courses by including Resources from external applications such as music, podcast, games, presentations, interactive, calendars and much more!

You can usually find this code in various Content creation platforms in the "Share" , "Integrate" or "Embed" section .

Steps to insert an HTML5 Type Resource with Embed

Go to Login> Courses> Course> Edit> Content> Course Content
Create a new Topic or open one that you have already created to insert the HTML5 resource .
Click on the "orange circle" icon. The Topic Resources available within the Course Topic will open.
Click on the "New HTML5" icon. An Edit window will open .
Add the Name of the Resource that you want to appear, it will be visible to your Users .
You will see two tabs "ZIP" and "Embed" . Click on "Embed" to move to the code insert space.
Paste the code insertion or "Embed" of the resource you want to embed.
Click on "Save" . The HTML5 / Embed** will be added immediately within the Course Topic.
To preview it in the Content Viewer from the User's point of view, click on the "eye" icon.

If you want to reorder the Embed , see the Reorder Themes and Resources tutorial .

Inserta Recursos externos con código Embed HTML5

Do you want to know how to get the embed or embed code of your favorite application? Check our YeiraCaps on YouTube. .

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Updated on: 13/05/2021

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