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Content Preview

Content Preview

When you Create Content in a Course in Yeira, you can see the structure and Content directly from the User's point of view, on the Content Viewer. In this way you can understand how your users will experience the content.

There are two ways to Preview Course Content:

General Preview of Content
Resource Preview

General Preview of Content

Go to Login> Courses> Course> Edit> Content
In the upper right corner of the "Content" tab you will find the "Preview" button .
Click on the "Preview" button , a new tab of your browser will open with the viewer of the first available Resource of the Course within the User Content Viewer.

As an Admin you can freely navigate the content even if the Course is configured as Serial Mode or Scheduled.

Resource Preview

Go to Login> Courses> Course> Edit> Content
Click on a Topic to display the available Resources .
On the right side of each Resource you will find the available actions. Click on the "eye" icon, a new tab will open in your browser with the display of the Resource within the User Content Viewer.

If you keep the preview open and modify the content, be sure to reload the page each time to see the changes.

Other forms of Preview

As Admin on your Yeira site , you will also be able to view the My Courses section and the Course Details just like your Users will do. Follow the next steps:

Login as Admin.
In the Control Panel, under your Logo click on "See Site". A new tab in your browser will open with the Home Page of your Yeira site .
In the Main Menu of the Main Page, click on "My Courses". In this section you will see the Courses that you have created and that are in Modo Online.
In the Course you want to view, click on "Continue" to go directly to the Content Viewer, or "Course Info" to go to the Detalle del Curso and preview directly in the Table of Contents or on the "Continue" button of the Banner .

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Updated on: 13/05/2021

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