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Create a Course

Create a Course

Yeira facilitates the creation of Courses and the integration of various content formats in the form of an organized learning sequence for Users (students).

The learning content structure in Yeira is build upon the following elements:

Course or Module: It is the upper element that allows adding Topics and Resources.
Topic: These are Resource organizers. It can also refer to a Unit or Chapter.
Resources*: These are the educational content that can be incorporated into the each topic of the course and are available on your site Yeira as Videos, texts, documents, Forum, Questionnaires, Tasks, HTML5 and sessions with Zoom.

Steps to create a New Course

Go to Login > Courses
Click on the "New Course" button located in the upper right corner.
Enter the Course Name and then select "Create".

Once the Course is created , you will enter the Offline Mode, this means that you are working on a draft, so it will not be published and it is not possible to register Users. When you want to publish your Course to register Users or make it visible on the main page if you have Online Mode , activate the switch to "Online" .

Each Course has four tabs. Check the tutorials for each one for more information:

General Information

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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