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Private courses

Private courses

If you sell your Courses online with the E-commerce Module in Yeira, but you want to have a special Course for specific Users, which is not publicly displayed on your Yeira site, then activate the "Private Mode" In this way, only Users registered to that Course will be able to see it, and all other Courses within your Yeira site will remain public and available to be purchased in the shopping cart.

Steps to set your Courses as private

Go to Login> Courses.
In the course list in the upper right corner you will find a green button that says "Public". Click to change it to "Private".
A window will appear asking you to confirm to activate the Private Mode, select "Activate".
Ready! Your Course is already in Private Mode so you can register Users in it without it being shown on the main page of your Yeira site .

Activate private mode in your course

Are all your courses private? It might be better if you enable Closed Mode for your site.

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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