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Online and offline mode

Online and offline mode

When you create a New Course in Yeira, the default status of the Course is "Offline". In this way, you will be able to work on the draft of your Course without it being displayed on the Main Page of your Yeira site when you have Open Mode activated. You will not be able to enroll Users while the Course is in Offline Mode.

Steps to activate Online Mode

Go to Login> Courses
In the "List of Courses" locate the switch indicated with the text "Offline" of the Course you are going to activate online.
Press the switch to switch to "Online Mode". You can do this process both in the Course edition and in the Courses list.
Click "Yes, activate" in the confirmation window.
That's all! Your Course is published and Users can be enrolled in it.

If you have an "Online" course that you want to change to "Offline" , follow the same process.

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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