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Scheduling a Course

Scheduling a Course

Add a beginning and an end to your Course so that access is automatically opened and closed for registered Users within the established period.

Steps to schedule a Course

Go to* Login> Courses> Course> Edit> General Info**
In "General Info" the "Course Start" field will be displayed , clicking on it will open a calendar where you can select the date.
To select the time, click on the "clock" icon below the calendar and select the exact time (including minutes).
Press outside the field to save the changes. The field will be shown in green to indicate that the change has been applied to your Course .

|||** Be careful!** Wrong dates in the past can cause the Course to be closed for your users and therefore they will not be able to access the contents. Double check that the beginning and end correspond to what you need.

Adding a start and end date for your Course

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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