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Duplicate a course

Duplicate a course

Use the "Duplicate Course" functionality to replicate the structure and content of a Course on your Yeira site , preserving images, links and resources, without the history of interaction data (eg: responses in forums ) or User registrations .

This functionality will be very useful to create, for example, Course templates that you later customize in each replica, for the generation of User groups where each group is enrolled in a Content replica , or that one of the Courses is public and the other private, and in general when you want to modify certain parts of the Content or information of the Course without having to create it again, thus saving you time and effort.

This functionality is only available on paid accounts. Check our Plans and Prices.

Steps to duplicate a Course

Go to Login > Courses
In the "Course List" select the Course you want to duplicate and click on the "... More" button and then "Duplicate".
The Course will be duplicated automatically and will be placed at the bottom of the list of your courses.
Edit the duplicate Course to make the adjustments you want.

Duplicate a Course on your Yeira site

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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