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Instructor Sheet

Instructor Sheet

Within your Course in Yeira , you can add the profile of the Instructors that appear in the Course or, use the space to add a brief review of your brand.

Steps to add an Instructor Sheet

Go to* Login> Courses> Course> Edit> General Information> Course Detail**
In "Course Details" the "Instructors" section will be displayed . Press the "+" icon that appears to add an Instructor .
Add a photo by clicking on "Upload a photo", drag the image or click to select one. The image must have a square format in .png or .jpeg. Use the dots in the crop box to adjust the image to the desired size.
Write directly on the card: the Name of the Instructor, the Role (ex: Instructor, Teacher, Mentor, etc. ), a link to their public profile (example: LinkedIn ) and a brief Bio (this should not be greater than 180 characters).
Click outside the field to save the changes. The field will be shown in green to indicate that the change has been applied to your Course .

See an example in Yeira Academy

Agrega una Ficha del Instructor a tu Curso

To view all the information you added to the course detail, click on the button "Preview" that appears in the upper right corner of the tab General Info of the Course.

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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