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Export and import a Course

Export and import a Course

Import and export Yeira cross-site courses through a file in .yeira format . This functionality will allow you to export a complete Course and save it on your device with all its Resources ( images, resources, links, documents, etc. ), so that later you can import it to another Yeira site and thus avoid having to create it from scratch. To carry out an export and import process for a Course , follow the steps below.

This functionality is only available on paid accounts. Check our Plans and Prices.

Step 1: Export a Course

Go to Login > Courses
In the "Course List" select the course you want to export and click the "... More" button and then click "Duplicate".
An automatic download will be generated to obtain a .yeira file.

Export a Course out of your Yeira site

Step 1: Import a Course

Go to Login > Courses
In the "Course List" click on the "Import" button that is located in the upper right corner. A window will open for uploading the file.
Select or drag the .yeira file and click the "Import" button .
Your Course will be imported automatically and will be placed at the end of your Course list .

Import a Course with the .yeira format

Exporting a .yeira file can function as a backup for your Course, however, keep in mind that it can only be uploaded to another Yeira site .
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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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