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Reorder Courses

Reorder Courses

When you create a new Course in Yeira, it is automatically ordered in ascending order , that is, at the beginning of the Courses list, both in the Course Management, as well as on the main page if you have the Open Mode active. If you have the site's Closed Mode, you can use this functionality to improve the management of your Courses , for example, to show the most active ones or the ones you visit most frequently at the beginning of the list for editing.

Steps to reorder your Courses

Go to Login> Courses.
In the "Courses list" on the left side of the covers of your Courses you will see the "Drag" icon .
To reorder your Courses , click on the "Drag" icon on the Course you want to move and hold the mouse button.
Move the Course up or down to place it where you want it to appear to your Users on the main page. Changes will be saved automatically once you release the mouse button.
That's all! To see the changes, reload your Yeira site .

Reorder your courses on your Yeira site

Updated on: 04/05/2021

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