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Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integration

To integrate your Mailchimp account with your Yeira site, you need to get your API keys in Mailchimp. You will do this process only once and thus you will be able to create email campaigns to promote your Courses and / or to create Automations for the Onboarding process of each of your Courses in Yeira.

The integration makes use of Mailchimp's Tags (or Tags in English) functionality within a given Audience. Learn more about tagged email automations in this Mailchimp tutorial.

Steps to integrate your Mailchimp account

Step 1: Add the Mailchimp API Key in Yeira

Log into your Mailchimp account.
Go to Account> Extras> API Keys (
In the "Your API Keys" section, copy the key that appears in the table.

Go to "Account" inside Mailchimp

Go to "Extras > API Keys"

Copy the "API Key" de tu cuenta Mailchimp

Verify that your API Key is in "active status" (switch on). If necessary, create a new API Key.

Login to your Yeira site> Settings> Advanced
In the "Mailchimp Integration" section paste the "API Key" that you copied into the "Mailchimp API Key" field . Click outside the field to save the changes.
Ready! Your Mailchimp account has been linked to your Yeira site . Continue with Step 2.

Paste the API Key de Mailchimp en Yeira

Step 2: Add the Mailchimp Audience ID in Yeira

Go back to your Mailchimp account . Go to Audience> Manage Audience> Settings. At the bottom of the "Settings" section you will find the Audience ID (You find it in English as "Unique id for audience").
Copy the Audience ID and go back to your Yeira site > Settings> Advanced> Mailchimp integration
In the field "Mailchimp list ID" paste the ID that you copied previously. Click outside the field to save the changes.
That's all! Your Mailchimp audience has been integrated into your Yeira site .

Go to "Audience > Settings" en Mailchimp

Copy the Audience ID from Mailchimp

Paste the Audience ID from Mailchimp into your Yeira site

Create your campaigns!

You have already integrated your Mailchimp account on your Yeira site. Now is the time to create your campaigns from Mailchimp to registered users on your platform and courses. How does it work? Keep reading!

Each user who registers on your site Yeira (either by manual registration, massive registration, self-registration or shopping cart), will enter your audience in Mailchimp with the label "register", so that you will be able to filter them and send them:

Campaigns to promote your online courses
Email automations to welcome them to your platform

Consult the User Registration tutorials in Yeira for more information

Once users enroll for a course (either by manual enrollment, by enrollment request or by shopping cart), the user will enter with the label corresponding to the name of the course (for example, the course "Introduction to Yeira" , is labeled in Mailchimp "intro-a-yeira"). With the course tag, you can filter your users by Course from Mailchimp and send them:

Classic mail automations to welcome users to the course
Series of e - automated ( "Customer Journey") to create a strategy Onboarding of the Course
Promotion campaigns for courses of your interest
Surveys to the participants of a Course

Consult the User Enrollment tutorials in Yeira for more information

Mailchimp "Registration" and "Course" tags in Mailchimp

Take advantage of this powerful integration to encourage your users and increase their involvement and interest in your e-learning offer!

You don't have a Yeira account yet? Create a free account now here.

Updated on: 04/05/2021

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