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Conekta Integration

Conekta Integration

Conekta is a payments channel located in Mexico, that allows you payment processing with Credit and Debit Cards.

When you activate the E-commerce Module, you will be able to integrate your Conekta account to receive online payments by credit or debit card through your Courses on your Yeira site.

This functionality is available only for paid plans. Check our plans and prices.

Steps to integrate your Conekta account

Step 1: Create your account in Conekta

Go to Log in or register as a new user in Conekta .
Once you have started your session in Conekta , click on the "Create business" button, complete the form that appears and click on "See offer" so that Conekta will show you the payment methods that you can use.
Enter the information it asks for. Once this process is finished, your account will be ready to receive transactions.

Create your Conekta Account

Step 2: Get your Conekta payment keys

To get your keys, click on "Go to dashboard" on the business you just created and it will take you to the main profile of your business.
In the upper right corner click on the "arrow" next to the name of your business to display the submenu.
Inside the submenu, click on "API Keys" and click "View Production API Keys" to see your public key and your private key. These are the keys that you must copy to integrate Conekta to your Yeira site .

Get your payment keys from Conekta

Step 3: Paste your Conekta keys on your Yeira site

Go to Login> Settings> E-commerce
In the "E-commerce" section, turn on the "Activate E-commerce" switch .
In the "Conekta Public Key" field , paste the public key of Conekta .
In the field "Conekta Private Key", paste the private key of Conekta .
That's all! Now your Yeira site is configured to receive payments for your Online Courses with credit or debit cards.

Important: Make sure that when copying and pasting the keys, they are intact, without modifications or blank spaces.

Paste your Conekta keys on your Yeira site

Be careful: Never share or email the Public Key and Private Key strings from your Conekta account.

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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