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Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics integration

In your Yeira site you can insert a Google Analytics code to monitor and measure the results of your site from the Google Analytics console .

Steps to insert the Google Analytics code

Step 1: Copy the Google Analytics tracking code

Login to your console of Google Analytics.
Go to the* Manage> Tracking Information> Tracking Code** section.
Copy the code that appears in the box in the "Global website tag" section.
Copy the "Embed" code provided by Google Analytics.

Step 2: Paste the tracking code in Yeira

Go to Login > Settings > Advanced on your Yeira site.
In the "Advanced" section go to "Insert Google Analytics code" and paste the tracking code that you copied from Google Analytics.
Press outside the field to save the changes. Ready! Your Google Analytics integration with your Yeira site has been configured.

Google Analytics in your Yeira site

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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