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Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration

To integrate your Zoom account with your Yeira site, it is necessary to obtain your API keys in Zoom. You will do this process only once and thus you will be able to launch live Sessions from your Yeira site as many times as you want and in all the Courses you need.

Steps to integrate your Zoom account

Step 1: Get your Zoom credentials

Log into your Zoom account .
Open a new tab in your browser and go to .
Locate the "Develop" button at the top and then click on "Build app" to choose the type of app you will need.
Click the "Create" button in the "JWT" modal and give your new Zoom key a name .
Fill in the requested information: name, company and your email. Click the "Continue" button to finish.
Your credentials will appear, which are API KEY and API Secret, these two keys are the ones that you will place in the Settings of your Yeira site .

Step 2: Insert your credentials into your Yeira site

Go to Login> Settings> Advanced
In the "Advanced" section go to "Zoom Integration" and enter your "Zoom Key" and your "Zoom Secret" which are the keys that you generated in your Zoom account .
Ready! Your Zoom account has been linked to your Yeira site . Now you can create your Live Sessions within your Courses like any other Resource.

Since you have integrated your Zoom account into your Yeira site, check this tutorial to learn how to [create your Live Sessions within your Courses] crear tus Sesiones en vivo dentro de tus Cursos.

You don't have a Yeira account yet? Create a free account now here.

Updated on: 04/05/2021

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