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PayPal Integration

PayPal Integration

Once the E-commerce module is activated, you will be able to integrate your PayPal account to receive online payments through your Courses on your Yeira site .

We recommend that you request support from your technical team for this configuration. You can also contact us at with any questions or contingencies.

Steps to integrate your PayPal account

Step 1: Know your keys

Go to and log in with your PayPal account .
Access the dashboard of PayPal and select the option "MyApps and Credentials" .
Locate the section "REST API" apps and create a new application with the name you prefer.
In the "Credentials" section, select the "Live" mode and copy the text string that appears in the "Client ID" field.

Important! Make sure you are using the credentials mode "Live" and not "Sandbox" from PayPal on your site Yeira. If the keys are in "Sandbox" mode, the transactions on your Yeira site will bring up an error.

Step 2: Paste your keys on your Yeira site

Go to Login> Settings> E-commerce
In the "E-commerce" section, activate the "Activate E-commerce" switch and the fields of the PayPal keys will immediately be displayed .
In the field "Paypal Client ID" on your site Yeira paste the string that you copied Client ID from PayPal.
In the "Secret" section in PayPal click on "Show", then "Generate New Secret", or just copy the previous secret if it is already available.
In the field "Paypal Secret" on your Yeira site paste the Secret string that you copied in PayPal .
Now your account is configured to receive payments for subscriptions and payments for Courses on your Yeira site .

Take care of** Client ID and PayPal Secret** strings, and never email them to third parties.

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Updated on: 04/05/2021

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