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Closed mode

Closed mode

Close your Yeira site to have more control over who accesses your e-learning offer .

When activating the Closed Mode, the main page of your Yeira site will be the Login page. In this way, all your Courses or modules will remain behind the login and only Users who are registered and enrolled will be able to see them. This mode is ideal for internal or private training y diploma courses where the Courses are configured as Modules .

Steps to activate Closed Mode

Go to Login> Settings> Design> Display
In the "Display" section select Closed Mode by clicking on the box.
Exit your session to view the home page of your Yeira site with this mode.

Activate Closed Mode in your Yeira site

You need to consider that with the Closed Mode, the E-commerce Module is not available. If you want to market your Courses, activate the Open Mode.
See the Customize Your Site Banner tutorial to learn how to add a main image to your Yeira site.
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Updated on: 03/05/2021

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