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Customize your banner

Customize your banner

Customize the image and the texts of the main Banner of your Yeira site.

Steps to customize the Banner

Go to Login> Settings> Design> Site Banner
In the "Site Banner" section, drag the image or click to select one. The image can be in .png or .jpeg format. The recommended size for the Banner of the Open Mode is 1264x460 pixels and 960x1800 pixels for the Closed Mode; however, if your image is larger you can crop and adjust it. We recommend not uploading a lower resolution image as the main image of your site will lose quality, nor will it be too large as it will load the weight of your site in Yeira.
Select "Save."
Click on "View Site" located below the logo of your site in Yeira to view the new banner.

Add a banner in your Yeira Site

Do you want to add texts to the Banner?

Go to Login> Settings> Design> Site Banner
In the section "Text in Banner" you can add a title and a subtitle for your Banner, in addition to setting the colors of these texts independently.
Write the title and subtitle that you want to appear on the banner.
Select the desired color using the color selector that appears by clicking on the color box, or copy and paste the color in hexadecimal format (ex: #ff694c ).
Press outside the field to save the changes. The field will be shown in green to indicate that the change has been applied to your Yeira site .

Add text yo your Banner

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Updated on: 03/05/2021

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