Customize Language and Time Zone

Customize Language

Set the Language in which you want to display your Yeira site.

Go to Login> Settings> Advanced
In the "Advanced" section go to Site language. Select the Language of your preference, you can choose between Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German (more languages ​​coming soon!).

Customize the language of your Yeira site

Take into account that you can only choose one Language for your entire Yeira site and it is the only one that your Users will see .

Customize the Time Zone

Yeira is a Mexican company, so you should know that the default Time Zone in all sites is (GMT-6: 00) Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey. If your time zone is different from this one, it is very important that you adjust it on your Yeira site, since the calendar and time of your Courses, Topics and Sessions with Zoom. will depend on that .

Go to Login> Settings> Advanced
In the "Advanced" section go to "Time Zone" and display the list of options to select your zone.
Press outside the field to save the changes. The field will be shown in green to indicate that the change has been applied to your Yeira site .

Customize the Time Zone of your Yeira site

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