Customize your General Information

Customize the General Information of your brand, add your Social Networks and Website.

General Information

Go to Login> Settings> General Information*
In the "General Information" section , add your brand name, website and a contact email. The information you enter will be visible to your Users in the footer of your Yeira site.

Add your General information

Social media

Go to Login> Settings> General Information> Social Networks
In the "Social Networks" section you can connect your Users with your profiles on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Add. your social networks

Link in Main Menu

Go to Login> Settings> General Information> Link in Main Menu
In the section "Link in Main Menu" you can create a personalized link of your Yeira site that will appear in the Main Menu. Add a short name and the desired link URL. This space can be used to direct your Users to your brand's Website. Do the same from your Web Page so that your users can navigate between both sites easily.

Add a link to the Main Menu of your Yeira site

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