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Attendance report of a session with Zoom

Attendance report of a session with Zoom

Did you make live sessions with Zoom in Yeira?? Check in a detailed Report, the attendance of your Users to your Live Session with Zoom.

Steps to view attendance in a Session

Step 1:

Go to Login> Courses> Course> Report.

Step 2:

In the Course report section you will see two listings, "Course Completed" and "Users in Progress". In any case, to view the details of each User and thus check whether or not they attended the Live Session, click on the "+" icon. The list of Resources will be displayed.
Browse the list. In the Session Resource find two reported data: "Attended / Did not attend" and "Completed / Not seen". In the first case, a "user" icon will be shown in red if they did not attend and in green if they attended the class live. In the second case, it will be marked as Completed when the User has consulted the Resource (eg: the recorded version or the Session information), and Not seen if he has not entered the Resource.

Yeira will record attendance depending on whether or not at the time of the Live Session, the User clicks the "Join Session" button from the Content Viewer..

Do not share the link of your Session outside of Yeira, since the connection of your user (s) will not report assistance.

Step 3:

To obtain a copy of your report in Excel, click on the button "Download" located in the upper right corner of the section Report of the course.
Ready! The report your course has been downloaded in .xls.

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Updated on: 06/07/2021

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