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Go live with YouTube

Go live with YouTube

Do you have sessions that you want to broadcast live? With Yeira's integration with YouTube, it is possible for you to make your YouTube broadcasts live and view them within your Course on your Yeira site.

Advantages of broadcasting your class with YouTube Live and inserting it into your Course

The Videos that you transmit on YouTube will be available later as a Video Resource in Yeira, so you don't need to upload the recorded version afterwards. As soon as you finish the broadcast, the Video will be immediately available to your Users.
If you have a Zoom license that limits your viewers, you can broadcast live with YouTube and invite all your participants in your Course on your Yeira site (Follow only Step 2 of this tutorial for your broadcast from Zoom
You can integrate into your Yeira site the chat of YouTube Live to stay in communication with your users. Check out this tutorial to learn more.
You will have control of who accesses your live broadcast since only Users registered in your Course will be able to access it.

Steps to broadcast on YouTube Live from your Course

Step 1: Set up YouTube Live

First of all, you will need to configure your equipment to be able to broadcast: your microphone, camera and software.

We recommend that you use the open source OBS software, as shown in the next steps.

Go to your YouTube account> Your Channel> Create> Broadcast Live or enter YouTube Studio and select Broadcast .
Inside the Control Room, copy the encoder configuration data to establish the connection (ex: with OBS ).
Click on "Share", copy the URL of the Video and go to your site in Yeira .

See more information available in the YouTube Live guide.

Step 2: Add your live broadcast on Yeira

Go to Login> Courses> Course> Edit> Content> Course Content
Add a new Video type Resource within a Topic you have created or create a New Topic
Paste the URL of your video on YouTube . It can find on the icon "Share" on YouTube .
Click on "Save". The Video will be added immediately within the Course Topic .

Step 3: Start your live broadcast

Start your live stream entering the control room of YouTube.
Once started, your Users will be able to see the transmission from your Course.
Do not forget to finish the transmission from the control room of YouTube.

When you finish your transmission, the video will be available in Your Channel to YouTube under the same link, and available on your site Yeira for your users view it .

Do you want to integrate YouTube Live Chat in your Course in Yeira? Check this tutorial.
You don't have a Yeira account yet? Create a free account now here.

Updated on: 06/07/2021

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