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Configure the Privacy of your Video on Vimeo

Configure the Privacy of your Video on Vimeo

Do you use Vimeo to host your video lessons? Control the privacy of your videos from Vimeo so that they are seen only from within your course on your site Yeira. In this way, you will keep your Videos safe, while generating a good experience for your Users.

You must have an account Pro, Business or Premium for Vimeo to access your privacy options recommended in this tutorial.

Check out the Video Resource Tutorial to know how to incorporate your Vimeo videos into your Course in Yeira.

Steps to configure the privacy of your Video on Vimeo

Login to your Vimeo account.
Enter the "Videos" section and click on the "Video" that you want to incorporate into your Course in Yeira.
In the left side menu go to "General" > "Privacy".
In the section "Who can see it?" select the "Hide this video from" option.

Who can see your Video?

In the section "Where can the video be embedded?" select the option "In specific domains". In the open field paste the URL of your Yeira site (ej:
Click on the "+" icon to add the domain in the Video display settings.

Where can the video be embedded?
Click on the "+" icon to add the domain

Click on the "Save" button.
Copy the URL of your video on Vimeo and paste in the Video Resource within your course in Yeira. See this tutorial to know how to do it.

You can check the article privacy settings on Vimeo to learn more about the different Privacy settings of videos here.

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Updated on: 06/07/2021

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