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New Plans and Prices

At Yeira, our mission is to democratize access to next-generation e-learning technology so that consultants, SMEs and HR areas can join the digital age and be competitive by creating a next-level online course offering.

We know that one of the main challenges in the design and development of an online course is, for obvious reasons, the content, that is why we have created Bloom, a flexible authoring tool for the creation of mixed content (evaluative, expository and social from one place) with integrated Learning Analytics so you can obtain detailed reports from your users without the need for data system configurations (LRS) or standard packaging (SCORM, xAPI, etc.). And the best, with the most accessible price on the market.

Can you imagine Genially with report generation? Mentimeter without having to waste time asking your users to enter another platform? Your own Google Forms and Typeform in your content and with verified digital badges with your own brand? An LRS integrated with 10% of its real cost? Your own content factory without programmers? All this is possible only with Bloom! Never before has such a great innovation in the e-learning sector been available to everyone and that is why we have renewed our plans and prices, so that you can access this new tool, exclusive to #YEIRACOMMUNITY.


What are the new plans and prices?
I already have a plan in Yeira, how does this change affect me?
I have a payment plan, how do I activate Bloom?
What does my Bloom license include?
I already have Bloom, how can I learn to use it?

Evaluation with Bloom Example

What are the new plans and prices?

The new payment plans in Yeira work in the same way as the ones you already know: by learning communities. The difference is that now they all include the possibility of linking your custom domain or using the subdomain, which is why you will see a change in the regular price. In addition, all the new payment plans have the option to select Bloom in your subscription, either within your monthly or annual plan. In the case of the free Spark plan, you will have the possibility to create 1 course for 10 registered users, with a subdomain at Learn about the new plans and prices here.

Bloom and custom domain are not available on the Spark plan.
All annual payment plans include a 20% discount.

I already have a plan in Yeira, how does this change affect me?

If you already have a payment plan in Yeira, you will continue to subscribe to it until one of the following scenarios occurs:

If you change your plan in Yeira (applies both in downgrade and upgrade)
If you want to include Bloom in your subscription
If your subscription has been suspended and you want to reactivate it

I have a payment plan, how do I activate Bloom?

To activate your Bloom subscription follow these steps:

Login to your Yeira site with your Administrator account.
In your Dashboard go to Account and click on the "Grow your plan" button.
Check the box "+ Bloom" in the Yeira plan you want (Wick, Candle, Limelight, Star). Use the upper switch to change to a Monthly or Annual plan.
Click on "Select plan" to proceed with your payment.
Verify that the plan is correct and select your payment method (Card, PayPal or Transfer only for annual plans). Use the upper switch to change to a Monthly or Annual plan.
Proceed with your payment. Once it has been successfully processed, the change will be automatically applied to your Yeira site.

If you still do not see the new plan applied on your site and your payment has already been made successfully, reload the page or clear your browser's cache.
Need help? Contact our Support team at

What does my Bloom license include?

Bloom includes access to the mixed content production system (evaluative, expository and social) through a Markup language proprietary to Yeira E-learning.


Bloom content library with reusable templates within your Yeira site accessible to Admin and Authors
Web editor to customize templates quickly
Ability to use Markup from your favorite code editor (Visual Code, Sublime Text, Atom, including TXT), previewing your content in your local environment.
Learning Analytics system (LRS and xAPI) integrated and without additional configurations
System of digital badges with metadata


Automated questionnaires based on question banks
Type reagents: true / false, multiple choice, multiple selection, sentence completion, word cycle, numerical, order answers, choice matrix, evaluative hotspot.
System of digital badges with metadata


Social boards (collaborative sticky notes)
Reactions (Helpful, Interesting, Like, Confusing)
Real-time surveys
Synchronization (activate or deactivate Bloom elements in real time for live sessions)


Video to external url
YouTube video
Embed code of content
PDF preview
Slides, Tabs and Steps


Bloom allows you to combine all the functionalities available in the expository, evaluative and social content within the same Bloom package, including Learning Analytics such as:

Video with question
Video with chat
Video with survey
Video with comments
Video with comments and questions
And more...

Imagination is your limit!

I already have Bloom, how can I learn to use it?

Check the tutorials available in our Help Center in the Bloom Category.
We can offer you personalized training, request more information at:
If you need technical help, contact us at:

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Updated on: 03/05/2021

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